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Inventor Wish List

Voting for the Inventor Wish List has just began and it is due on February 28. Before you could start voting, you must login first to AUGI. If you’re still not a member, registration is free. 😀 I just made a vote, however, I’ll just list only five of what I think should be an improvement added to Autodesk Inventor. (more…)


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Spy Gadget 1: Glass Cutter Key


And because the Spy Gadget contest has inspired me to be erm, creative, I just thought of creating a key that may be used as a glass cutter. I know that there are a whole lot of glass cutters out there but I think that is rather risk-free from security guards. 😀 To be able to use the cutter, it should be rotated to 90 degrees. I rendered this using Inventor Studio and used the Desktop lighting style and made some modifications to it.

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Spy Gadget Design Contest

Autodesk Manufacturing Community is hosting a Spy Gadget Design Contest. So if you are the true blue James Bond fanatic and an Autodesk Inventor geek, now is the perfect time to join this contest and extract your creative juices to come up with a spy gadget concept. All you have to do is to design your spy gadget in Autodesk Inventor and submit your design in this page. Your entry should include a still image of your design, and a description of the neat things that it does. You may submit as many designs as you like. Deadline for entries are on April 18. (more…)

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Inventor 2D to 3D Tool

One of the most frequently asked questions is how they would recreate their 2D AutoCAD drawings to 3D. Before the Inventor 2D to 3D tool was made available for us to download, the work around is to get the base sketch from the AutoCAD drawing and paste it in your part sketch. Then, add the other necessary features. Others find this quite unappealing especially if they have to recreate 3D parts from 1,001 2D part drawings.

I just tried this neat tool earlier and I was surprised on how fast I recreated a 3D part from a 2D drawing.

All I did was:

1. Create a 2D sketch
2. Insert an AutoCAD drawing
3. Select the orthographic projections
4. Set the face of the base view
5. Select the geometry to put in the base view
6. Set the projected views and select the geometry
7. Extruded the base feature
8. Extrude (Intersect) the other projections

Download the Inventor 2D to 3D tool at Autodesk Labs.

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