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Autodesk Solutions Day

Autodesk Solutions Day General Session

Autodesk Solutions Day was held last week at Crowne Plaza and the four ballrooms were filled with participants from different industries such as AEC, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, and Media and Entertainment. The famous Lynn Allen was there to present AutoCAD 2008. 🙂


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Different dimensions problem from AutoCAD to Inventor?

Have you ever tried copying from an AutoCAD 2008 environment to the Autodesk Inventor part environment? If so, did you get the same dimensions? Just this morning, a customer called me for assistance regarding this one. This is actually not a bug.

So what shall you do?

Before doing a copy paste from AutoCAD to Inventor, type in the AutoCAD command line:


Then, if the default units in your part environment is in mm, then specify the units as mm. 😀

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