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Autodesk went shopping again

Autodesk just acquired Plassotech. Read the press release here. Currently, the FEA solution built-in with Autodesk Inventor Simulation Suite 2008 and Autodesk Inventor Professional 2008 is powered by Ansys technology. Ansys is a global leader in CAE. It seems that FEA tools in 3G Author will replace the existing FEA tools powered by Ansys. I guess they’ll be coming up with something that would answer the needs of the semi-conductor industry and others that need thermal stress analysis. 🙂


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Testing Project Freewheel’s Online Collaboration

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In order to execute an online collaboration through the Project Freewheel website, AutoCAD, Inventor and Revit users must download the Project Freewheel 2D/3D Share Now utility. After installing the utility, a Share Now function will be added to the File Menu of your CAD client (AutoCAD, Inventor, or Revit). (more…)

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Vault Manager Requires Impersonation

After I installed the Autodesk Data Management Server 5 Service Pack 1, I tried accessing the Vault Manager. It popped up an error message with provisions for putting the username and password. The error message is about the impersonation message.

In order to solve this problem, right click on My Computer then select Properties. Click on the Computer Name tab. Copy the full computer name. Thus, if it is a member of a domain, include the domain.

Login as [full computer name]/AutodeskVault then leave the password at its default. You may refer to the discussion here.

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