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Closing Time

Hi everyone, I regret to inform you that I will not be updating this blog anymore. I already resigned from my post as Applications Engineer. I will still keep the blog online though for your reference. It has been a pleasure sharing my knowledge and discoveries to everyone. I hope my brief stint in blogging about Autodesk Vault and Autodesk Inventor has been helpful for you.


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File Renaming in Vault

We could easily rename files in Vault. In fact, Vault has its own Renaming Wizard wherein we would just add the files that we want to rename. Also, related files that will be affected by this operation will be repaired. However, we should remember this:

Vault would not rename files in the local workspace

Thus, if we’re going to rename a file in Vault, make sure that:

1. The files that will be affected by the file rename are all checked in the Vault.

And in order to avoid dependency problems when opening (an assembly for example) a file:

1. Make sure that your local workspace is empty.
2. Get entire folder for that particular project.


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